About Us

Lali + Layla was created by born and bred New Yorker and FIT graduate Chilali M.
Chi(Lali) and Layla being her adorable companion pup! 
L+L is co-born in both New York City USA + Tulum Beach, as we live part time of the year in each location traveling back and forth throughout the year, a little city life and a little beach life, offices are based in both locations as well as all design/production. At Lali + Layla we make sure our bikinis are ethically hand made one by one and sweat shop free, giving fair and honest wages to our team of fabulous seamstresses with an atelier a block from the beautiful beach. We hire and train girls to sew to perfection in order to also give them a skill and job they may not have had otherwise. No cheap mass production from China here. No child labor. No dingy factory sweatshops. And no taking advantage of others to turn a profit.
Each style is created to perfection by us from scratch. Using quality sourced materials, designing style, pattern making for perfect fits, and printmaking our custom original prints right here in NYC, making each piece that much more special and unique.
Chilali is passionate about L+L, but also advocates a plant based lifestyle, healthy body image/state of mind, self love, travel, and awareness of our fellow earthlings and environment. 
We do not alter our models bodies and many of our babes you see on social media or online are our friends, customers, and ourselves. We think everyone and everyBODY should be able to wear and L+L suit. 
L+L is for the girl who isn't afraid to stand out, no matter what, her confidence and a huge smile is what makes her beautiful and bold; however, a cute colorful bikini is the perfect accessory. We believe in making the world a better place, starting with authenticity, kindness, and compassion. Our goal as a brand is to empower one another, to show you don't have to have that "goal" body to rock a bikini, because your body is already goals. Curvy, slim, top heavy, bootlicious, tiny or tall, we are all beautiful humans and should feel comfortable in the skin we're in. So join us and lets celebrate everything unique about one another. 
All suits are hand made, one by one, with love, just for you.
We hope you love.